Travels with Darley in Martinique on PBS!

Darley Newman, PBS TV host and globetrotter discovered the many faces of Martinique during the shooting of the TV show “Travels with Darley” this past year. This Martinique dedicated episode will broadcast on PBS stations (200 million people) across the nation starting in March and April and Create TV in May.

This episode showcases Darley discovering the island of flowers, its natural beauty, historic sites, city tours and much more! Including a special tasting experience of the best agricole rhum in the world according to connoisseurs in distilleries from 18th Century, and an aquatic adventure with Guy Ferdinand aka Chef Hot Pants.

“This new season is particularly spectacular with Martinique’s beaches and rainforests mixed with Wyoming snow-capped mountains and Illinois prairies. We also meet memorable people who shed light on their unique culture, roots and what inspires them, from Carnival groups in Martinique to top chefs in Hong Kong.” said Darley Newman.

To give you a Taste of the episode; click here.