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Martinique Surf Pro

Martinique Surf Pro – From April 1st to April 8th 2017

The world-class surf competition Martinique Surf Pro will be hosted for the third time in Martinique from April 1st to 8th 2017. This World Surf League (WSL) Qualification Series event ...
Eco Beach Tennis Open International

Eco Beach Tennis Open International – From April 21st to April 23rd 2017

What is Beach Tennis? “New sport” beach tennis was born thirty years ago in Italy. This new sport is for everyone: tennis, beach volleyball, badminton players or sports players of ...
Tchimbe Raid

Tchimbe Raid – From May 5th to May 6th 2017

Club Tchimbé Raid organizes the 20th edition of TCHIMBE RAID, ultra-trail nocturne of Martinique. Departure from the Prêcheur is at 10:00pm for a night of hiking up the Mount Pelee ...
Jeux des Îles

Jeux des Îles – From May 9th to May 14th

For the first time, Martinique is the organizer of the Jeux des Îles (Games of the Islands). This event was launched in 1997 by the Regional Olympic and Sports Committee ...
Lamentin Jazz Project

Lamentin Jazz Project – From May 29th to June 6th

Popular Jazz in Martinique! In 2017, the Lamentin Jazz Project for its 15th edition will pursue its general objective in offering a stage of expression to the young talents and ...
Hiking Festival

Hiking Festival – From June 1st to June 30th

The first International Hiking Festival is a major sporting event that will take place throughout the island, in the forest, in the mountains and on the coast. This year’s theme ...
Fête de la Musique

Fête de la Musique – June 21st, 2017

Some of the world’s greatest musical forms hail from the Caribbean, with reggae (Jamaica) and calypso (Trinidad) the most widely known, but true music lovers know that Martinique also ranks ...
Rendez-vous aux jardins

Rendez-vous aux jardins – From June 2nd to June 4th 2017

Every year, for a weekend, Rendez-vous aux jardins (Meeting at the garden) is an invitation to (re) discover and enjoy the richness of public and private parks and gardens, representative ...
La Driv

La Driv’ du Manikou – June 24th, 2017

LA DRIV ‘DU MANIKOU is a 14 km semi-nocturnal race. The route crosses the districts of Saint-Joseph by the communal roads, in the banana plantations and the paths and traces. ...